Returning Abroad

If you find yourself constantly thinking about your experience abroad and dreaming about ways to go again, then you have already made an important step in the process! There are countless resources for students and recent graduates to study, intern, work, teach, and even volunteer abroad. Although the sheer number of options may seem daunting, the Center for International Education can help you get started in choosing the next step of your journey.

Make Connections

Each year, a “LESSONS FROM ABROAD” Study Abroad Returnee conference is held at various locations around the United States.  The Virginia conference is generally held in late January/early February, so consider attending (it is always on a Saturday).  “Lessons From Abroad” is also a great resource to learn more about how to go abroad again – whether it’s for work, graduate school, teaching, or more!

Study Abroad Again in a Different Country

Meet with a CIE Peer Advisor to discuss your options and plan your next opportunity to study, intern, research, or volunteer abroad while you are still here at UMW.  Alternately, consider possibilities for study, work, or ex-patriot living after graduation.

Graduate School, Research, and International Fellowships

Teach and Volunteer Abroad

Work Abroad

So you graduated…Now what?

Global Experiences is a leading provider of international internships and professional development programs. As part of their effort to encourage international education, enrich the lives of young people, and enhance the professional futures of recent graduates, they put together a very informative Career Handbook. In it you will find a wealth of advice and knowledge about building a successful career, traveling after graduation, attending grad school, securing an international internship, and more!