Study Abroad Emergency Contact Information

Overseas Emergency Contact Information

Please provide the following information so that the Center for International Education can contact you overseas in the event of an emergency during the course of your study abroad term. This information will be used only in the event of a true emergency, and only if UMW is unable to contact you directly.
  • If you have an international cell phone or VOIP phone, or have been given a number where you can be reached at a residence during your time abroad please provide it, including the country code.
  • This should be a person at your host university or program (such as the Director of your program, a study abroad coordinator, an international Exchange Officer, etc…) that UMW could contact abroad in the event of an emergency.
  • Job title, such as Director or Program Coordinator
  • Please list phone number as dialed from the US, including country code.
  • Please list fax number as dialed from the US, including country code.
  • Whom should we contact in the event that we are notified of an emergency event during your time overseas? (Typically a family member).