Virtual Internships Abroad

Internships Abroad

The world as we know it has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But new experiences don’t have to be put on hold!


The Center for International Education is working with our approved providers abroad on some exciting new opportunities:

Virtual Internships Abroad!


Experience the professional world abroad from home this summer by taking part in a remote internship program.  Learn how to work with those from different backgrounds, across time zones, virtually, and increase your knowledge, skills, and experience within your prospective career field.

All credit obtained*, upon successful completion of the program, will be transferred back to your UMW transcript.  Many program options are available around the world and with many industries, see below:



Length & Term



Industry Areas

AIFS (via GE Virtuoso) 8 weeks, summer $1,500 3-6 Business, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Graphic Design, IT/Computing, Journalism
CIEE 8 weeks, summer $1,450 Determined on individual basis Arts, Business Development and Sales, Finance and Accounting, Communications, Data Science/Analytics, Design, Digital Health, Entrepreneurship, IT/Computer Science, Marketing, Media, Film, Photography, NGO, Social Media, Sustainability and Environment
CRCC Varies Varies 3-9 Customized based on student’s interest
IAU College Virtual Global Internship 6 weeks, summer $1250 3 Commercial Development, Translation, Data Management & Data Creation, Digital Marketing, Marketing, International Sales, Social Media/Digital Communication, Web Development, Human Resource & Innovation, Community Management, Web Animation, Video Creation
Intern Abroad HQ Varies $948 – $1,348 Determined on individual basis Business and Economics, Engineering and Design, Environment and Conservation, Healthcare and Special Needs, Law and Human Rights, Management and Organization, Marketing and Communications, and Psychology and Social Work
TEAN 8 weeks, summer $2450 6 Marketing and Communications, Business and International Business, Environment and Sustainability, Finance, Software/Data Science, Tourism, NGO/Non-Profit, Law, Creative/Graphic Design
SAI 6 weeks, summer $1300 0 Online marketing, education, digital communication, and social media management
SIT July 12 – August 15 $1300 5 Jordan: Counseling and Humanitarian Action
July 6 – August 8 $1980 5 Kenya: Public Health in the Tropics
June 23 – July 21 $2000 5 Netherlands: Sexuality, Gender, and NGOs
June 23 – July 21 $1000 5 Serbia & Kosovo: Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and Memory Activism 
July 6 – August 8 $1980 5 South Africa: Social Justice and Activism

*In order for internships to count for academic credit the internship needs to be assigned a letter grade and the provider must provide an official transcript.

Additional remote learning opportunities in international education:

Multiple options for online courses, internships, and more with global partners.

IAU College Virtual Summer Experiences
(can be completed in conjunction with IAU Virtual Global Internship for additional cost and credits earned)
Virtual Social Impact Practicums: Experiential Learning Projects

Virtual Consulting Projects

KEI Global Seminar: Leadership & Intercultural Communication
$1200 for UMW Students
3 credits
Course taught by guest speakers from 10 different countries and 15 industry backgrounds.

SAI Virtual Programs in Italy
Take courses for either 3 credits (3 weeks) or 6 credits (6 weeks) through renowned Italian university partner institutions. Many course options available including: fashion design, Italian language and culture, food and wine, business and politics.

EcoSwell Online Volunteer Programme
Volunteer, conduct research, or intern with EcoSwell (NGO) on one of their sustainable development projects.


How to Register

Register with CIE. Be sure to select “Virtual Internship Abroad” for your preferred term. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been submitted.  You will then receive an email from CIE with next steps.

As you explore your options, please reach out to CIE with questions at