Tax Information

Tax Information

The following information and resources are to help you complete the documents required for international employees and file your tax forms.

International Employees

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires the UMW Payroll department to maintain information about your employment and residency status.  To accomplish this, Payroll needs copies of the following documents:

Your IRS Filing Requirements

Determining your Tax Status

Refer to our Resident Alien or Non-Resident Alien for Tax Purposes website to determine your tax status.   Resident alien or non-resident alien tax status is different from your immigration status!  Your tax status determines which forms you complete and which tax laws apply to you.  For information on tax laws regarding resident aliens and non-resident aliens, consult IRS publications 513, 515, 519, and 901.

How and What to File

Federal Tax Preparation Software Programs

Two programs that are specifically designed for non-resident aliens are listed below.  These programs charge a fee, payable by you.  In many cases, these programs simplify the filing process, and we highly recommend either one.