Information for Exchange Partners

Exchange Student Nomination & Application Procedure

  1. Exchange students from your institution must be nominated using the Exchange Student Nomination Form. Please read our Exchange Program Fact Sheet.
  2. The nominated student(s) will receive an email with instructions to submit their application.
  3. Immediately upon submitting the application, students will receive an auto-notification with instructions to submit the following to
    • Copy of passport photo page
    • Proof of finances
    • Copy of your TOEFL score OR verification of English proficiency from your home university, if applicable
    • Copy of your academic transcript, translated into English, if applicable
  4. All of our acceptance materials for your students will be sent to you for distribution to the students, unless otherwise specified.

Registration for Classes

Students will register for classes in late-June to early-July for the fall semester, and late November for the spring semester.  As non-degree students, they are unable to register for classes online.  Instead, they are assigned an advisor who will assist them.  The information below is communicated through their welcome packet.

  • Refer to the Schedule of Courses.
  • Exchange Students should expect to take 1-2 upper level (300-level) courses in their field of study, and another 2-3 course outside of their discipline.
  • Per the J-1 visa requirements, exchange students must take a minimum of 12 UMW credits, which usually amounts to 4 courses.  Most courses are worth 3 credits.
  • Avoid courses coded BLST, GBUS, FSEM, HONT, LRSP, BLST, MSGA, MSCI, NURS, TESL, and EDUC, as well as 400 and 500 level courses.
  • Students should review their course preferences with the home university advisor to make sure the credits you earn at UMW will transfer.
  • There will be a two week period starting from your arrival to campus through the first week of classes during which you can make changes to your course schedule.


Exchange students are guaranteed on-campus housing.  Students may request to be placed in a double room (shared with one roommate) in any upper-class residence hall , provided there is space available. Students will be reminded to submit their housing & dining application through the Office of Residence Life and Housing.


Exchange students are required to select the 225 on-campus dining plan. The dining plan will be selected on your housing & dining application.

Health Insurance

Students must complete the mandatory Health History and Immunization Form.  Students are required to purchase health insurance that meets the J-1 visa requirements. Information regarding insurance is included in their welcome packet. CIE will enroll students in the iNext Global Adventure Plan prior to arrival. If date extensions are needed, students must request this via email to

Academic Calendar

Students can view UMW’s academic calendar and make their travel arrangements accordingly. We recommend students wait until they obtain their visa to purchase their airline ticket.  Students should plan on remaining on campus through the entire final exam period.