UMW Approved Programs | Physics


Physics students have a variety of options for study abroad. The programs on this page have been selected because they offer courses that will fulfill requirements within the discipline. Students may also choose to study with any of the other UMW Approved programs.



AustriaBarIES Vienna, Austria

EnglandBar Queen Mary University – London, England
University of Reading, England – EXCHANGE

IrelandBarUniversity College Dublin – Dublin, Ireland

Akita International University – EXCHANGE



ScotlandBarKEI Heriot-Watt University – Edinburgh, Scotland

SouthAfricaBarIES Cape Town, South Africa

SouthKoreaBarTEAN South Korea: Korea University
TEAN South Korea: Summer Program

How to Register

To begin your summer, semester, or year abroad journey:

  1. Register to study abroad. Be sure to select “UMW Approved Program” for your preferred term. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been submitted to CIE.
  2. Contact CIE to notify us of your program selection and schedule a peer advising appointment for next steps.
  3. After your advising session, apply for admission with your selected study abroad program provider.

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