Driver’s License or ID Card

Driver’s licenses and state identification (ID) cards are issued by the state in which you reside; the laws for each state are different. You may obtain a Virginia driver’s license or state ID card from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Required Documents

People who want to apply for a driver’s license, learner’s permit, or state ID card will need to present the following documents to the DMV.  View the Obtaining a Virginia Driver’s LIcense or ID Card  for a list of acceptable documents.

  • One proof of identity
  • One proof of legal presence
  • Two proofs of Virginia residency
  • One proof of Social Security number (if you have been issued one)

All documents must be originals.

  1. Proof of Identity

    Applicants must present proof of identity. Documents submitted must show your full legal name and date of birth. Accepted documents include:

    • Unexpired foreign passport with
      • an unexpired or expired visa and valid I-94 card or print out (accessible at

    Secondary Documents

    • I-20
    • DS-2019
    • Form I-797 (if applicable)
    • Certified copy of school records/transcript issued by the University of Mary Washington
  2. Proof of Legal Presence

    Applicants must present one proof of legal presence. Accepted documents include:

    • Unexpired foreign passport with an unexpired or expired visa and a valid I-94 card or print out (accessible at
      • Holders of F1/F2 visas must present a valid I-20.
      • Holders of J1/J2 visas must present a valid DS-2019.
  3. Proof of Virginia Residency

    Applicants must present two proofs of Virginia Residency. Accepted documents must show your name and the current street address (for on-campus students, this means 1701 College Avenue and name of your residence hall).  We recommend you request an official UMW transcript issued to your physical address.  The official transcript serves as one document from the list of primary documents.  You still need a second proof of residency, either from the primary or secondary list of documents (see above link for acceptable documents).

  4. Proof of Social Security Number

    (you need one from this list only if you have a Social Security Number)
    Applicants must present one proof of SSN only if they have been issued a SSN.

    • Social security card (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers are not accepted).
    • U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax reporting W-2 form or 1099 form.
    • Payroll check stub issued by employer.

State Identification (ID) Card Application Process

If you want just an ID card (does not allow you to drive but is useful when proving age for buying alcohol), you can obtain one with the documents above. The fee is $10.

Driver’s License Application Process

If you have never had a driver’s license (in any state or country):

If you are 19 years old or older, you must provide proof of successful completion of a state-approved driver education program or you must have held a learner’s permit at least 60 days before you can take the road skills test. When applying for a driver’s license, you must complete an application (form DL 1M). You may complete this form before or after coming to the DMV.

If you are under age 19, you must complete a state-approved driver education program and hold your Virginia learner’s permit for at least nine months.

If you have a license from another state or country:

Regardless of age,  you may be required to take a written test, or take both a written and driving test, depending on the country that issued your license. (You will need to ask directly at the DMV.)

If you have a license from another U.S. state, Canada, Germany, or France, then you may simply obtain a Virginia license by completing the application and paying the fee. Licenses from other U.S. states or Canada will be invalidated when you receive your Virginia license.

The driver’s license will be issued for the period listed on your I-20 or DS-2019, not to exceed 5 years. The cost of the license is $4 for each year issued, minimum fee is $20.

For additional information, contact:

Department of Motor Vehicles Customer Service Center (Fredericksburg Office)
5700 Southpoint Centre Boulevard Fredericksburg, VA 22407
(804) 497-7100
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, except holidays.