J-1 Academic Training Information

Academic Training (AT) is a type of paid or unpaid, authorized employment for J-1 students. It may be taken during or after the completion of a student’s course of study (e.g., for internships, practica, post-graduation employment).

Rules and Regulations

  • J-1 students are eligible for AT for as many months as they have completed in their studies.
  • Employment must be related to the student’s field of study and authorized prior to the beginning of work.  For undergraduate exchange students, your employment must be related to two or more of the classes you took or are currently taking at UMW.
  • Student must have the recommendation of their academic advisor or international student advisor.
  • If the student wishes to engage in unpaid AT after the end of their program at UMW, he/she must demonstrate that he/she has sufficient funds to cover living expenses. Required funding amounts will match living expense requirements for F-1 undergraduate graduate students; see Estimated Cost of Attendance for International Undergraduate Students for details.  Funding amounts on these forms are listed in 9 month increments, but amounts can be pro-rated for the amount of time in which you will be engaged in AT.
  • While on AT, students must continue to have health insurance that meets the J-1 insurance requirements to comply with federal law.  You will be responsible for extending your coverage dates with existing university sponsored health insurance through the end of your AT.


Application Timeline

  • Apply for AT at least two weeks before your program end date on your DS-2019.
  • AT must begin no later than 30 days after the program end date on your DS-2019.
  • Follow the process below to request authorization for AT.


How to Apply
Submit the following to CIE:

  • A letter from the prospective employer, describing the position being offered, salary amount, and the beginning and ending dates of the proposed employment.
  • Academic Training Request Form completed by you and your academic or international student advisor.
  • Financial documentation (if you will be doing unpaid AT after your academic program has finished).

Approval Process
CIE will process your request in five business days. If approved, CIE will issue an updated DS-2019 and an Academic Training Employment Authorization Letter. These will act as proof of employment authorization for your employer. Students are not advised to travel outside the U.S. in between the end of their academic studies and the beginning of their AT.

Additional Tax Information
During AT, you are required to pay federal, state, and local taxes. You must file a tax return on or before April 15 each year. The return will determine if any of the withheld taxes can be refunded. As a J-1 visa student, you are not required to pay Social Security or Medicare (FICA) for the first five calendar years during which you are physically present in the U.S. If these taxes are deducted from your paycheck, contact your employer’s human resources or payroll department.








Return materials to:

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Fax: 540-654-1119