Storage Units for Students

UMW and CIE do not offer storage on campus. In Fredericksburg, there are three main storage facilities and an online storage matching platform utilized by students. These storage units are used to house personal belongings during the summer, allowing students to leave their belongings here while on break. We encourage you to pair up with a friend or two and split the cost among your group.

Storage Unit Options

Extra Space Storage

  • Size of Units: 5x5ft all the way up to 12x24ft
  • Price of Units: $41/month up to $216/month
  • Location: 2403 Plank Rd. Fredericksburg, VA 22401


  • Size of Units: 5x5x10ft or 5x5x12ft
  • Price of Units: $44.95/month and $49.95/month (respectively)
  • Location: 2411 Plank Rd. Fredericksburg, VA 22401

My Budget Storage

  • Size of Units: 4x8x7.5ft
  • Price of Units: $40/month
  • Location: 1600 Howard Ave. Fredericksburg, VA 22401


  • Size of Units: 5×5 and up
  • Price of Units: $32/month and up
  • Location: Varies