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Program Overview

Located in Xi’an city in the Shaanzi Provence of China, students studying at Northwest University will have the opportunity to learn at one of the oldest institutions in Northwest China.  Originally founded in 1902 as part of Shaanzi College but assumed its present name in 1912.  Currently, Northwest University is one of China’s leading comprehensive, multi-disciplinary universities of liberal arts, sciences, engineering, management, law and medicine, with emphasis on both teaching and research and has approximately 18,000 students across three campuses.


  • This program is a unique opportunity for a student of the Chinese language. Fellowship funding for this exchange may be available. Please contact CIE and the UMW Department of Modern Languages and Literatures for more information.
  • Available for the fall or spring semesters
  • Language requirements: Must be a current student of the Chinese language at UMW.
  • GPA requirement: 2.0
  • Must have completed at least one year at UMW
  • Students can earn 12-18 credits per semester
  • Students may enroll in Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Foreign Trade Correspondence, Accounting, and Economics Courses.
  • All courses must be pre-approved by a UMW department chair. Elective credits may be approved by the Center for International Education. Students must receive a “C” or better for courses to transfer.

Housing and Meals

Students are housed in campus accommodations and have the choice of single, double, or triple rooms (cost varies depending on selection). There are many dining facilities, or “canteens”, available on-campus that offer affordable food choices and off-campus restaurants are within walking distance.  Students will have access to the dining facilities, the library, and school bus system with the use of their Student Universal card.


Excursions are not included in the cost of the program. However, students will have the opportunity to travel to neighboring Asian countries and mainland China.


To participate in the Northwest University exchange program:

  • Register to study abroad with UMW.
  • Stop by CIE (Lee Hall 434) for an appointment with a Peer Advisor, who will give you materials and help you with next steps.


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