UMW Group Travel Emergency Contact Information

  • Include country code for international phones.
  • Include country code for international phones.
  • Please provide name and contact information (including telephone country code) for any host university program directors, tour guides, third party providers, or others who can serve as alternate points of contact for your group while you are abroad.
  • Please provide contact information for the embassy in each of your destination countries, including address and telephone number. A list of US embassies can be found at
  • Are students traveling on a group flight?
  • Please enter group flight information. If traveling individually, enter faculty name and travel information.
  • Please upload a detailed itinerary for the program, including lodging location and contact information for each destination. For travel/touring days, include destination and form of transport. If you have trouble getting your document to upload, please try using PDF format.
    Accepted file types: pdf, docx, jpg, doc, xls, xlsx.
  • If you have additional documents you would like to submit, you may do so here. (Optional)