Funding For Education Abroad scholarship icon

All students are encouraged to apply for education abroad scholarships and learn how other forms of aid may be utilized to pay for education abroad expenses.  Most scholarship deadlines are well in advance of your program application deadline and students are advised to apply up to one year in advance of their term abroad in order to maximize scholarship opportunities.

UMW Education Abroad Scholarships
Scholarships provided by UMW for UMW students only.

Approved Program Scholarships
Scholarships and grants from program-specific education abroad providers or international institutions.

External Education Abroad Scholarships
National and international awards available for qualified students.

Financial Aid for Education Abroad
Non-scholarship financial assistance in the form of loans.

Fundraising for Education Abroad
Alternate forms of education abroad funding and creative fundraising ideas.

If you have any questions about education abroad scholarships or the UMW scholarship application process, please contact CIE.