Research Abroad

Research is to see what everybody else has seen,
and to think what nobody else has thought.

–Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Research abroad can take many different forms, from highly individualized independent research to structured research programs.

Short Term Undergraduate Research

UMW students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences may participate in Undergraduate Research (URES 197). Research may take place domestically or internationally, and research grants are available. A student who receives a grant for research abroad with work with UMW’s Center for International (CIE) and follow the following steps:

  • Register in myUMW for UMW Undergraduate Travel Research for the term when research will be conducted abroad (and a confirmation email will be sent upon completion).
  • Be enrolled in comprehensive international travel insurance through the CIE. (For budget purposes, the weekly rate is approximately $15 and the monthly rate is approximately $50.)
  • Submit confidential information (online) about your travel for use by UMW Dept. of Public Safety in the event of an emergency abroad.
  • Attend a Pre-Departure Orientation and Complete an Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability Agreement form. A signed copy of this form must be filed with CIE prior to any student international travel. Please contact CIE (; 540.654.1434; or 4th floor Lee Hall, Room 433) to arrange the orientation or if you have further questions or concerns.

In addition to the Undergraduate Research Grants offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, 4-6 Week international research projects may also qualify for the Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship.

Semester-Long Research

For students interested in discovering their potential for a research career, the EuroScholars program offers unique opportunities to work as a junior researcher in a research project. Supervision will be provided by academic staff, working on and/or responsible for the research project.

The program includes a Language and Culture Course in the host country and the actual research project.  A Methods and Literature Review course is also offered for two of the three academic options. The research offerings will be different in each institution, and it can be done in a wide variety of fields, depending on the available places and chosen university.

Objectives and Career Perspectives

The objectives of this program are to give students the challenge of conducting original research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through an immersion in European Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the research environment. Participants learn about scientific reasoning, research methods, theoretical principles related to the research area, and scholarly communication. By finalizing the results of their research project in a paper of publishable quality, they will also have improved their writing and presentation skills.

Students will be able to evaluate and focus their career interests. The experience will enhance their intercultural skills due to the close contact with academics and other students as the result of working together and discussing the research program. The program also enhances their understanding of academic research and their potential personal role in this.

Intended Audience

Outstanding and motivated advanced undergraduate, honors or (post) graduate students with a strong interest in an academic/research career with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Students do not need to have research experience. Science students need to have laboratory experience.

Participating Universities

Interested students can spend their time at one of the following European universities, each offering different programs and areas of emphasis (however, please note that the list is subject to change):

  1. Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Leiden University, The Netherlands
  3. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany
  4. Ruprecht Karls University, Heidelberg, Germany
  5. University of Geneva, Switzerland
  6. University of Helsinki, Finland
  7. KU Leuven University, Belgium
  8. University of Zurich, Switzerland
  9. Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Further Information

For further information on the EuroScholars program, including dates, fees, and application, please see the EuroScholars website.

International Studies Abroad (ISA) is EuroScholars’ representative office in North America. For general questions and guidance during the application procedure, assistance with applying for home university financial aid to program costs, program payments, and distribution of official transcript, please contact ISA directly.


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