Internships Abroad

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
–Henry Miller

There are multiple ways for international internships to transfer back to UMW:

  • For Transfer Credit, student must be graded by a university or study abroad provider; however, grade does not affect a student’s UMW grade point average and only credits are transferred provided a student earns a C or better;
  • For UMW Credit, and grade included in UMW grade point average;
  • For no UMW Credit, but to fulfill Experiential Learning General Education requirement;
  • As a Resume Builder

For Transfer Credit: Students who are already planning on studying abroad may want to consider doing an internship abroad that will coincide with the time abroad for the summer, semester, or year. Like courses taken abroad, an internship can also afford students transfer credit. The internship must be graded abroad (not taken pass/fail), and credits must be assigned as well. The completed internship grade is typically included in the Official Transcript from a participating international university or internship program. Students would use the standard Study Abroad Course Approval Form to receive transfer credits for an internship abroad.

For UMW Credit: Students may independently pursue international internship opportunities by working directly with Office of Academic and Career Services. To start, download the Academic Internship Contract and determine whether you are eligible to do an internship for academic credit.

For Non-Credit Bearing Internships: Students can fulfill the Experiential Learning (EL) general education requirement with their abroad internship experience.  Students choose a reflective component that is focused on their abroad experience, select a faculty sponsor, and either while abroad or upon return, complete the assignment and a satisfactory (SA) or unsatisfactory (UN) grade is awarded, and the course SAGE 000 is added to the students list of classes.  Only satisfactory assignment completion fulfills the EL requirement.  The contract cannot be used during the student’s last term at UMW.

As a Resume Builder: Whether for UMW credit, transfer credit, or for simply the experience of completing an internship abroad, students can work directly with Career Services to create a resume, update their current resume, or incorporate an internship abroad into a resume.

Sounds great.  What do I do now?

For internship opportunities abroad, visit the Office of Academic and Career Services Internship page and scroll down to the section titled “International.”  For students to receive UMW credit or to utilize the General Education Contract, students must register for an international internship via Education Abroad Registration Portal. Then:


  • Register in myUMW for your Internship for the term abroad. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.
  • Enroll in comprehensive international travel insurance through the CIE if your internship does not provide insurance coverage. Send us your dates of travel and the cities/countries on your itinerary and we’ll get you signed up and charge the expense to your student account.
  • Submit your emergency contact information.
  • Attend a Pre-Departure Orientation and complete an Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability Agreement form. A signed copy of this form must be filed with CIE prior to any student international travel. Contact CIE to arrange the orientation or if you have further questions or concerns.
  • Pay your Study Abroad Fee.  $20/week or $300/semester will be billed to your student account.


For more information, please contact CIE (, 540.654.1434, or visit our office in Lee Hall, Room 434).


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