Internships Abroad

There are three ways for internships abroad to transfer back to UMW:

1. For Transfer Credit
2. For UMW Credit
3. As a Resume Builder

For Transfer Credit: Students who are already keen on studying abroad may want to consider doing an internship abroad that will coincide with the time abroad for the summer, semester, or year. Like courses taken abroad, an internship can also afford students transfer credit from their abroad experience. The internship must be graded abroad (not taken pass/fail), and credits must be assigned as well. The completed internship grade is typically included in the Official Transcript from a participating international university or program. Students would use the standard Study Abroad Course Approval Form to receive transfer credits for an internship abroad.

For UMW Credit: To take advantage of this option, students will work directly with Career Services. Please follow this link to Career Services to learn the process for obtaining UMW credit for an internship abroad. To start, download the Academic Internship Contract. Below is a quick “how to” that briefly outlines the process for getting an Internship abroad to count as UMW credit.

You will still need to meet all of the other UMW criteria for receiving internship credit in order for your credits to transfer. Gather documentation for the following requirements as you receive clarification/confirmation from the place you are serving an internship:

  • Must have completed 58 credit hours, 12 of which were completed at UMW (if you are a transfer student)
  • Must have at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Must have faculty supervision (abroad) throughout the course of the experience
  • Must not be doing more than 30% clerical work as part of the internship (must be applied learning, not just making copies, brewing coffee, etc.)
  • Must complete a certain number of service hours (3 credits require 126 hours).  Six credit internships are granted with much less frequency.  Students seeking 6 credits will have to prove not only that they are working a minimum of 252 hours, but  also that they are receiving advanced/additional education/instruction.  The student must provide explanation via a typed document turned in with the rest of the documentation and academic records for the Director of Career Services to review. Once all the documentation about the program and student’s academic record is collected, the student is to type up a request to receive 6 credits, and then schedule a meeting with Career Services.   The Director of Career Services  will review the student’s paperwork prior to beginning the internship experience.  Career Services is the final authority over whether transfer internship (499) credit is accepted at UMW.

As a Resume Builder: Whether for UMW credit, transfer credit, or for simply the experience of completing an internship abroad, students can work directly with Career Services to create a resume, update their current resume, or incorporate an internship abroad into a resume. Please follow this link to Career Services to learn how to create or update your resume.

For more information about internships both domestic and abroad, click here to view the wide variety of options provided by Career Services.

NOTE: If comprehensive international health insurance is not included in the internship fee from a host international university or third party provider, the Center for International Education can enroll students in HTH Worldwide, and the fee can be billed to the student’s UMW account.  For more information, contact CIE.