Faculty Director Resources and Policies

University of Mary Washington professors play a crucial role in the internationalization of the campus, which includes the development of faculty-led study abroad programming. Overseas academic programs at UMW are facilitated and administered by the Center for International Education, located on the fourth floor of Lee Hall.  Faculty members interested in proposing a new study abroad program are encouraged to meet with Sarah Moran, Study Abroad Coordinator, to discuss curricular ideas, new program concepts, and projected budgets.

Take experiential learning to the global scale in 2018. Lead a faculty-led study abroad program and integrate traditional learning with experience.  Email smoran2@umw.edu or call 540.654.2172.

Faculty-Led Program HandbookFaculty-Led Program Handbook

UMW Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Handbook – Comprehensive resource for Faculty Directors that includes information regarding UMW Faculty-Led Program creation, planning, travel information, finances, and procedures.

Program Proposal Tools

Program Proposal Template – CIE welcomes proposals for new study abroad programs from UMW faculty. Use this template to guide you through the process of putting together a new faculty-led study abroad program. Submit in tandem with a completed Fact Sheet (below).

Fact Sheet – A tool for projecting the cost of a faculty-led program.  An approved Fact Sheet must be on file for each Study Abroad program.  DEADLINES:   The final deadline to submit Fact Sheets is May 15 of the year prior to travel for Winter or Spring Break programs and August 1 of the year prior to travel for Summer programs.  Fact Sheets may be submitted for approval at any time up to the applicable deadline and early submissions are encouraged.

Faculty-Led Program Logistics Questionnaire – This tool will provide all the information needed when requesting a proposal from education abroad providers.

Study Abroad Review and Approval Process – Policy and Procedures set forth under University Policies.

UMW Policy on Education Abroad Travel

International Medical Insurance Policy – UMW requires all education abroad travelers to carry comprehensive international health, medical and emergency evacuation insurance coverage. CIE offers coverage via iNext’s Comprehensive Plan with a $250,000 medical benefit at a daily or monthly rate (10 day minimum).  See the Fact Sheet for current rate information.

Pre-Departure Forms

Program Emergency Contact Information – Trip leaders are required to provide this information to CIE so that groups can be contacted in the event of an emergency at home while the group is abroad.  CIE will provide Emergency Contact Cards for each student and staff member traveling with the group.

Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability Agreement for International Travel – CIE must have a signed copy of this document on file prior to departure for each person traveling internationally with UMW, whether for a faculty-led program, research, volunteerism, internship, athletics abroad, or student club travel.

Students are required to submit additional forms. Coordination of this paperwork will be managed by the Study Abroad Coordinator in collaboration with the Faculty Director.

Tools for Use While Abroad

Education Abroad Finance Information and International Expense Report – Accounts payable has provided this excellent tool for effectively tracking expenses both in international currencies and US Dollars. All program expenses and receipts must be submitted using the International Expense Report.

Education Abroad Incident Report – In the event of an incident abroad, including accident or injury, academic misconduct, sexual misconduct, or other issues involving students while traveling internationally, please file an incident report immediately with CIE using this form.  CIE will work with the Vice President for Student Affairs, Office of the Provost, and UMW Department of Public Safety to formulate an appropriate response while the Faculty Director focuses his/her attention on events abroad.

Emergency Situation Procedure Flow – In case of an emergency abroad, use this flow chart to determine next steps depending on the situation.

Addressing Sexual Assault While Abroad – This report from the US Dept. of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security provides information on preventing sexual assault abroad, as well as information on what to do in the event of an incident and how faculty directors can assist students after an assault.

Life After Study Abroad- Reentry Strategies – A sample handout for students about to return from a faculty-led program. Reentry discussion is recommended for all programs lasting three weeks or more.

Returning from Abroad

Program Evaluation Form for Faculty Directors – The evaluation is designed to help directors think through which elements of this year’s program were most successful and which areas you might want to consider changing for future programs.  Past experience indicates that the time to think about these things is right after return, while the program is still fresh in your mind, rather than several months after return when some of the details may have faded. Please send a copy of the completed form to cie@umw.edu for your program file.

Helpful International Travel Links

US Department of State Student Abroad Resources – An excellent collection of travel information, including links to several of the resources also listed below.

US Dept. of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program – Enter information on your trip or overseas residence, and subscribe to receive updates on Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts and other information for a particular country.

US Center for Disease Control Traveler’s Health Information

International Currency Exchange Rates

US Department of State Travel Warnings

US Embassy Locator

US Dept. of State Smart Traveler iPhone App

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Including Students with Disabilities – Useful information from Mobility International USA