For Education Abroad Providers and International Universities

The University of Mary Washington Center for International Education (CIE) recognizes it cannot provide the variety of programs needed for every students’ academic, linguistic and cultural needs. Outside providers and universities abroad offer valuable learning alternatives to UMW’s Faculty-Led program (during summer, winter & spring break) or UMW’s summer, semester, or year-long Partner Programs. When outside providers visit UMW they are helping UMW promote internationalization and extend the reach of the Center for International Education (CIE). The best way to reach UMW students is to attend the Fall Education Abroad Fair. If you would like an invitation to host a table at the fair, please contact CIE directly. A participation fee covers a table and lunch during the fair.

UMW’s Center for International Education (CIE) will not be hosting campus visits from outside Education Abroad Programs for the 12/13 academic year, as we are in the process of reviewing our portfolio of programs.  In the meantime, CIE continues to have an open door study abroad policy and look forward to a robust spring and summer 2013 enrollment for students studying abroad. Please direct all inquiries to Dr. Jose Sainz, CIE Director at