Payments and Financial Aid

Mandatory Fees

All study abroad students must pay a Study Abroad Administrative Fee. The fee is $300 dollars per semester and $20 dollars per week for short-term programs. In addition, all students are required to have comprehensive international health insurance while studying abroad. If health insurance is not included in the student’s program, CIE will enroll them into UMW’s current policy. The cost for comprehensive health insurance is approximately $45 dollars per month for semester and year-long programs.  For short term programs (three weeks or less), the cost for comprehensive health insurance is $15 per week.  Both the Study Abroad fee and Health Insurance fee will be billed to the student’s UMW account.

Study Abroad Program Payments

All study abroad students submit payments directly to the foreign university or education abroad provider,  with the exception of students participating in exchange programs (Lingnan University – Hong Kong, University of Erfurt – Germany, MICEFA – France, and Universita Cattolica – Italy).  For most exchange programs, students pay tuition to UMW; however, for students participating in the Hong Kong program, they also pay housing (double occupancy) to UMW.  The mandatory study abroad fee and health insurance fee (if applicable) are billed to the student’s UMW acccount.

Students who participate in the Virginia529 prePAID program (formerly the VPEP or Virginia Prepaid Education Program) must notify CIE prior to applying to a study abroad program.  UMW must make arrangements on your behalf to be the school of billing to utilize Virginia529 prePAID funds.  CIE must have advanced notice to request an invoice on the student’s behalf from their study abroad program.  Virginia529 prePAID payments cover the equivalent of UMW tuition.  Students are responsible for paying the difference between total program cost and the amount Virginia529 prePAID covers, plus the mandatory study abroad fee, a wiring fee, and the cost of international health insurance.

Payments for UMW Faculty-Led Programs

All students participating in UMW Faculty-led Programs will submit payments as directed on the Faculty-Led Program website.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

The financial aid programs available for study abroad include Federal Pell Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Parent Loans (PLUS), Alternative Loans, as well as scholarships.   To apply for financial aid for study abroad, click here.

Study Abroad Scholarships

CIE offers several scholarship opportunities to support study abroad. Visit our Scholarship Page for more information.