Next Steps for Summer, Short-term, Semester, or Year Abroad Programs


The first step in your journey is to register in myUMW.  This lets the Center for International Education know of your plans to participate in an Education Abroad program so we can assist you along the way.

If you haven’t already, stop by the Center for International Education (CIE), Lee Hall suite 434, to talk with a Peer Advisor and pick up a folder full of essential information, a pre-departure checklist, and other documents.


If your program is on the list of UMW Approved programs, the next step is to apply to your specific education abroad program.  Deadlines and requirements vary, so be sure to explore your program’s specific process.


Once you receive your acceptance letter from your program, it is your responsibility to submit the materials your program requires to CONFIRM your acceptance. Please provide a copy of your acceptance letter or forward your acceptance email to Refer to your Study Abroad Checklist often to ensure you are completing the necessary tasks on time.

Course Approval Form

Students must complete and submit a Study Abroad Course Approval Form outlining the courses you plan to take while abroad and how you would like them applied for transfer credit. Before completing the form, meet with your academic advisor, decide which courses to take, and determine how you want the courses to transfer:  courses can transfer as a UMW equivalent, major/minor elective credit, or elective credit. In order for a course to transfer as a UMW equivalent or major elective credit, students must get approval from the appropriate department chair. CIE can approve courses taken for elective credit. Students must get their courses approved for transfer PRIOR to going abroad.

Overseas Emergency Contact Information

Prior to departure, complete the Overseas Emergency Contact Information form to provide UMW with information needed to contact you in the event of an emergency.

General Education Credit for your Study Abroad Experience

Fulfill your general education Experiential Learning (EL) or Global Inquiry (GI) Requirement while studying abroad. The signed Experiential Learning/Global Inquiry Contract must be submitted to CIE prior to studying abroad.  The General Education Committee does not honor requests for retroactive EL or GI credit.

Course Registration Planning Tool

Students who plan to be abroad for a semester or year will need to register for the following term’s UMW courses while abroad. Each student is responsible for their own registration. If, however, you are unable to register for courses during your registration period, upon request CIE can register you in your courses if you complete and submit a Course Registration Planning Tool. Please contact CIE prior to your registration period to request this service.

Notification to Residence Life

Students must submit an Intent to Vacate form to Residence Life before the semester they study abroad. This ensures that the student is not charged for housing while abroad but has a room waiting for them upon their return to campus (if desired).

Financial Aid

All financial aid arrangements should be made with the Office of Financial Aid. In order to apply for study abroad financial aid, students must submit an official acceptance letter, an estimated cost of the program verified by the program provider, program dates, and a signed course approval form. Scholarship recipients must notify Financial Aid that they will be studying abroad. Email or call 540-654-2468.

A number of Study Abroad Scholarships are available through CIE. Visit our Scholarship page for more information.

Student Accounts

If students participate in the Virginia529 PrePAID (formerly called VPEP) they are required to notify CIE if they wish to apply VPEP funds toward their study abroad expenses.  UMW must make arrangements on your behalf to be the school of billing to utilize VPEP funds.  CIE must have advanced notice to request an invoice on the student’s behalf from their study abroad program.  VPEP payments cover the equivalent of UMW tuition.  Students are responsible for paying the difference between total program cost and the amount VPEP covers, plus the mandatory study abroad fee, a $35 wiring fee, and the cost of international health insurance.

Questions concerning all other third party benefits can be directed to the Office of Student Accounts at or 540-654-1250.

Course Cancellation

If you registered in courses as a back up, you must cancel those courses before you leave for your study abroad program. Students can pick up a Course Cancellation form at the Registrar’s Office, or submit an email from the student’s UMW email to the Registrar stating that you are studying abroad and want your course registration cancelled.

Degree Application

Students with 58 or more credit hours should submit a Undergraduate Degree Application.

The “Campus Run”

Library – Return all your books!
Campus Post Office – Leave a forwarding address. Fill out a Forwarding Address Form and submit to the Campus Post Office.
Student Accounts – Pay your bills! Contact or 540-654-1250.

Education Abroad forms.