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The following are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about study abroad.  For additional questions, feel free to contact the Center for International Education at

Will credits and grades earned abroad transfer to UMW?
Yes, but students must have their courses pre-approved for transfer credit prior to going abroad AND receive the equivalent of a “C” or better in each course.

How does the billing process work?
Study abroad costs vary by program, as does the billing process.

  • UMW Faculty-Led Programs – All program fees are paid directly to UMW via each program’s webpage, or by check payable to UMW at the Cashier Office on the second floor of Lee Hall.  If the program includes UMW credit(s), the tuition cost are additional and will be billed to the student’s account.
  • UMW Exchange Programs – Students participating in UMW Exchange Programs pay tuition, the study abroad administrative fee, and international health insurance to UMW (Italy, France, and Germany programs) and tuition, board, study abroad administrative fee, and international health insurance fee (Hong Kong).  All other programs costs are paid directly to the exchange program/university.
  • UMW Approved Programs – Students pay all program fees directly to the foreign university or education abroad provider.

The only charges students will see on their UMW account are the study abroad administrative fee ($300 per semester) and HTH insurance ($50 per month) if insurance is not included in their program.  Students participating in short-term programs will pay a study abroad administrative fee of $20 per week.

When will UMW study abroad administrative fees and international health insurance fees be charged to our student’s UMW account?

  • Fall study abroad programs – Early July
  • Spring study abroad programs – Mid-November (1st cycle) and early January (2nd cycle)
  • Summer study abroad programs – Mid-April (1st cycle) and early May (2nd cycle)

Can students participating in the Virginia Prepaid Education Program (VPEP) use these funds toward studying abroad?
Yes, but students must notify CIE immediately if they participate in the VPEP program.  CIE must notify the study abroad program and request the tuition invoice on behalf of the student, thereby making UMW the school of billing for the tuition portion of the student’s study abroad program.  CIE will charge the tuition amount on the invoice to the student’s UMW account.

Please be aware that VPEP will only cover the equivalent of UMW tuition and that the student is responsible for paying any remaining balance. Once UMW receives the VPEP funds, CIE will wire the tuition payment to the student’s program. There is a $35 charge for this service.  All other program costs will be paid directly by the student to their program.

Does financial aid apply toward study abroad programs?  Most federal, state, private grants, loans, and scholarships may be applied to the cost of study abroad.  The student will need to complete the Request for Financial Aid form and should make an appointment with a financial aid advisor.