International Student Health Insurance

UMW Health Center

  • Students and Visiting Language Coordinators should always start by visiting the UMW Health Center for minor illnesses and/or injuries.
  • Visiting Language Instructors are not eligible to use the UMW Health Center due to their status as UMW staff.   VLIs should refer to the “Providers Near UMW” below for the nearest clinic or call the claims/customer service phone number listed on your insurance card for a referral.
  • Use the Emergency Room or call 911 only for serious or life threatening illness and/or injury.

You are Insured by iNext International

  • F-1 Visa Students are covered under the iNext Essential Plan.
  • J-1 Visa holders are covered under the iNext Global Adventure Plus Plan.
    • All students, Visiting Language Instructors/Coordinators must enroll in the university sponsored insurance.  CIE will enroll you and bill your UMW student account accordingly.
    • Claim Form - Use this form to file a claim within 90 days of the first day of treatment.


  • International students who participate in NCAA Varsity Athletics must purchase secondary insurance through Safe Travels USA.   You must sign up for this secondary insurance yourself, and show proof of coverage to your athletic Director.  Your coverage dates must begin on your program start date and last a full calendar year (365 days).  Please review the Safe Travels USA Coverage of Benefits Brochure.
    • Complete your individual application at Sign up for Safe Travels USA
      • Select Plan B: Policy Max $100,000
      • Select Deductible $500
      • Select None on Accidental Death and Dismemberment Upgrade Option
      • MAKE SURE you select “Yes, Class  2″ on Athletic Sports
      • Select No for Home Country/Follow Me Home

Clinics Near UMW

  • If the UMW Health Center is closed, or you are a visiting language instructor who is ineligible to use the Health Center, we recommend you visit one of the walk-in clinics below, or call 1-866-914-5333, which is the toll free number to an iNext representative that can assist you.  These walk-in clinics are a good option for general and minor illnesses that occur over the weekend when the UMW Health Center is closed.  If your condition warrants a specialist, e.g., allergies/asthma specialist, orthopedics, pulmonology, etc., you must call the phone number on your insurance card for a referral to an in-network doctor.

iNext Essential Plan Providers

Hospitals & Emergency Room Near UMW

Mary Washington Hospital (MWH) is located 1.2 miles from campus at 1001 Sam Perry Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA 22401, 540.741.1100.  For emergencies, please call 911.