Glacier Tax Prep

Glacier Tax Prep (GTP) is an online federal tax preparation software that is free of charge to current UMW international students and scholars, on a first come, first-serve basis.  GTP is designed exclusively for international students and scholars whose status is non-resident aliens for tax purposes. Please be aware that Glacier Tax Prep only files Federal Taxes and NOT Virginia State Taxes.

Glacier Tax Prep User Agreement

All users must be a foreign national who has his/her immigration sponsored by UMW. Users must accept the terms of this agreement prior to using Glacier Tax Prep.
  • Glacier Tax Prep (GTP) is being made available primarily for use in the determination of the U.S. tax residency status. GTP will facilitate IRS filing requirements for our F & J visa holders who are non-residents for tax purposes. GTP is made available by UMW to "Related Individuals," defined as employees of UMW, and foreign nationals with whom UMW has or had a relationship during the current or preceding tax year. Users are responsible for verifying that the correct information has been entered into GTP and included on all forms and/or documents printed or derived from GTP.