Guidelines for Using UMW Vans for CIE Sponsored Activities


According to 22 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) § 62.8(d), UMW, as an institution approved to administer an exchange visitor program, is required by the Department of State (DOS) to offer cross cultural activities and experiences. As such, CIE sponsors activities throughout the academic year to facilitate such experiences. Although many activities are on the UMW campus or in the Fredericksburg, VA area, some are excursions requiring the use of state vehicles.

Drivers of UMW vans for CIE sponsored activities must comply with the Vehicle Use Guidelines set forth by the University/State Vehicle Use Policy. In addition, the following guidelines provide clarification on the appropriate us of state vehicles by Visiting Language Instructors (VLIs) and CIE student aides/volunteers.


For off-campus events requiring the use of state vans, VLIs and student drivers must abide by the following rules:

  • VLIs and students/student organizations must request the use of state vehicles through the CIE office.
  • The CIE sponsored activity must be open to all UMW students. The activity shall be advertised until the maximum capacity for the van(s) is reached. Participants shall be selected in the order they sign up for the activity. If the activity requires payment, participants shall be selected in the order they pay.
  • VLIs who are coded in Banner as “staff” may serve as a chaperone for excursions that occur outside the approved travel area. VLIs who are coded in Banner as “students” do not qualify as staff and cannot serve as chaperones.
  • VLIs are required to have a valid Virginia Driver’s License in order to drive state vehicles. International Driver’s Licenses will not suffice.
  • VLIs coded as staff are not required to take the Van Familiarization Course.