Before You Arrive

Before You Arrive - Checklist

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us, or we find it not.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Review this checklist to see the steps you should be taking before you arrive at UMW.

Immigration Details

  • New F-1 visa students and J-1 exchange visitors apply for your visa (once you have been issued your I-20 or DS-2019).
  • Students who are currently in F-1 visa status on an I-20 from another U.S. institution must have their I-20 transferred to UMW. Submit the SEVIS Transfer I-20 Form and proof of finances. (Deadlines to submit this request and proof of finances are July 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.)
  • Purchase your airline ticket AFTER you obtain your visa.  You must arrive in the United States no later than the start date listed on your Form I-20 (in the Program of Study box) or DS-2019 (section 3), but no earlier than 30 days prior to this date.
    • New international students and visiting language instructors must attend the mandatory International Orientation.
    • (If you cannot enter the U.S. by the date given on your immigration document, contact CIE.)

Web Setup and Identity

  • Find your UMW NetID, which will serve as your login for myUMW. E-mail and request your temporary password.  Next you must change your myUMW password.
  • Set up your student email account by logging in to the email interface. Your username will be your NetID followed by; your password will be the password you used for your myUMW login.
  • Sign up to access UMW’s WiFi network by registering your device(s) at Apogee’s myResNet portal at  You must wait to learn your housing assignment before you set up your WiFi access.
    • Click “sign up” button>”I am resident”> and follow instructions in the confirmation e-mail you receive.
    • Log into your ResNet account.
    • Click “add device”>select type of device and enter the MAC address.
  • Explore myUMW, your primary resource for all things UMW, from academics to extracurricular activities and campus organizations. Eagle Gateway is accessed through myUMW and facilitates class registration, housing and dining selection, managing your student account, and viewing your grades.
  • Submit your EagleOne ID Card photo (applies only to student admitted to start during the Fall semester).  Your EagleOne ID card will serve as your residence hall access key and your meal card; it can also be loaded with EagleOne cash and used for purchases at many destinations on and off campus.  Read the Online Photo Submission Guidelines and follow the instructions to submit the online photo.  If you experience difficulty, try logging into myUMW >Eagle Gateway > Getting Started > Banner Self Service > My Banner Resources > Submit Eagle One Photo. You can e-mail for assistance.

Register for Courses

  • Course registration will depend on your student status (see below). All new students will be assigned an advisor to assist you in registering for at least three courses prior to your arrival.   After you arrive, you will register for your last one or two courses during Orientation. You will have additional opportunities to register for courses and make changes to your schedule during the first week of classes.
    • New degree-seeking students should refer to the New Student Guide to help you through the course registration process.  Refer to the Academic Catalog to learn about General Education requirements and a list of required courses for each major and minor. To select courses for the coming semester, refer to the Schedule of Courses.
      • Students admitted for the fall semester will be emailed a link to complete the First-Year Student Questionnaire, in which you will select your First-Year Seminar (FSEM) and two other courses that you will take during your first semester at UMW.
      • Students admitted for the spring semester will e-mail your list of preferred courses to Jennifer Cirbus . Your list of courses must include a mandatory Freshman Seminar (FSEM).
    • Transfer students are students who have been admitted to UMW to complete their undergraduate degree AND have previously studied at another university. As a transfer student, you will work directly with our Transfer Student Advisor, Charles Tate, to register for courses. Refer to the Academic Catalog to learn about General Education reequirements and a list of required courses for each major and minor. To select courses for the coming semester, refer to the Schedule of Courses.
    • Exchange students are non-degree seeking students who are studying at UMW for one semester or one year. Exchange students should e-mail your list of preferred courses to Jennifer Cirbus   To select courses for the coming semester, refer to the Schedule of Courses. Please be prepared to provide transcripts to show you have the necessary prerequisites for the courses you wish to take.  Be sure to review your list of courses with your home university advisor to make sure the credits you earn at UMW will transfer.
    • Visiting Language Instructors &Coordinators are eligible to register for up to 12 credits per semester. To select courses for the coming semester, refer to the Open Class List. Email your list of preferred courses to Jennifer Cirbus.
    • If you have questions about registration, visit the UMW Registrar website or contact CIE.

Living Arrangements

  • Complete your Housing and Dining Agreement.
    • International Students
      • Room assignments are made on a space-available basis.
      • First-year degree-seeking students will be assigned on-campus housing based on the First-Year Student Questionnaire. Learn more about housing for first-year students.
      • CIE highly recommends Framar House to our international exchange students.  Learn more about the residence halls, floor plans, amenities.
      • We advise you to purchase a “bed and bath” set for your room at least two weeks prior to your arrival. Bed linens are not provided for you. The Student Starter Pak is a popular choice, but you may also purchase items separately. If you choose to order linens through the UMW Bookstore, please use your name on the order and ship to:
        • Center for International Education, Lee Hall 434
          1301 College Avenue
          Fredericksburg, VA 22401

        Any additional items you may need for your room can be purchased after your arrival. A shopping trip is scheduled during orientation.

    • Visiting Language Instructors
      • Visiting language instructors are assigned to South Hall, which has air-conditioned double rooms with suite baths. The shared kitchen, laundry facilities, and study lounge are located on the first floor. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, and microwave.
      • A bedding and linens package (bed sheets, pillow, comforter, and towels) will be provided in your room upon arrival. Any additional items you may need for your room can be purchased after your arrival.
      • For your dining plan, select the 225 Meal Block Plan, which provides 15 meals per week, plus $200 Flex Dollars.

Medical Requirements

  • Submit your UMW Health History, Immunizations and TB Screening Form (complete page 1 General Information, check “yes” for insurance and enter iNext and check “PPO, Emergency Contact, page 2 Family and Personal Medical History, and the entire UMW Immunization Record section) BEFORE you arrive to the U.S.  The Immunization Record must be signed by your doctor and promptly emailed to the Student Health Center along with a copy of your immunization records.
  • International students and exchange visitors in F or J visa status are required to purchase our university sponsored health insurance for the duration of their program.  Annual (12 months) insurance rates for F-1 students are $465 for up to 24 years of age; $740 for ages 25-29; and $1,265 for ages 30-65. International student athletes who participate in NCAA varsity athletics must purchase secondary insurance.  Rates for J-1 exchange visitors are $$60.30 per month for under age 24; $78.60 for ages 25-49; and $168.60 for ages 50-64.  CIE will enroll F-1 visa students and charge the cost to your UMW student account.  J-1 visa exchange visitors will be given the option to self-enroll and show proof of enrollment.  If CIE does not receive proof of enrollment, you will be enrolled and the cost will be charged to your student account.

Financial Preparations

  • Check your student account by logging into myUMW >Eagle Gateway>Finances>EaglePay. Learn about your options for Methods of Payment.
  • Authorize Payers  to make payments on your personal account by logging into myUMW >Eagle Gateway>Finances>EaglePay>Authorize Payers.  We highly recommend this option if you would like someone else to have viewing and payment privileges on your student account.
  • Billing Information.   Refer to our Student Accounts Billing Information website.  The list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is especially helpful.  Refer to the various Methods of Payment website to learn how you can pay your student account balance.  Your tuition & fees, housing, and meal plan charges will be charged to your student account.  Your tuition charges reflect the number of credits in which you are enrolled at the time of billing.  If you are enrolled in less than 12 credits, you will be charged per credit hour.  As you add more credits to your schedule, your student account will be charged accordingly.
    • If you choose to wire a payment, please request banking information and wiring instructions from Student Accounts via email
      • Your request must come from your UMW e-mail address.
      • Use “WIRE REQUEST” in the subject line.
    • When sending your wire payment, ask  your bank to include your name and student ID on your wire payment!
    • Do not send payment until you receive a bill from or the balance appears on your student account on EaglePay.

Contact Information

  • Make sure your family knows how to contact us at CIE. Email us at, or call (+001)540-654-1870.  UMW’s emergency phone number is (+001)540-654-1025. This number accepts collect calls (i.e. free calls) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The officer who answers will always be able to locate a staff member in the CIE office.

Packing List for the Airplane

  • Your immigration-related documents:  your passport, Form DS-2019/I-20, welcome letter from UMW, and financial support documentation. These items must be carried with you and presented to the inspector upon arrival to the U.S.
  • CIE’s contact information so that you can reach us at any time during transit.
  • Prescription medication.
  • Funds, including an international bank card (ATM, credit, or debit card) and approximately $200 USD. If applicable, bring a bank draft in U.S. dollars payable to yourself, or home bank details necessary to transfer funds for opening a U.S. bank account.